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tv   [untitled]    February 29, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> i am john newlin, the president of the commission. we will ask that executive director to please call the roll. >> commissioner press, president. commissioner hyde, present. commissioner lee, present. commissioner tan indicated he would be on vacation. president newlin, present. we do have a quorum. president newlin: with respect
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to agenda items, members of the public may address the commission for up to three minutes such that the item is called. if you want to talk to the commission about something that is under our auspices but is not on tonight's calendar, this is your time to come forward. anybody? will jump down to item two. review and approve the minutes. since we do not have a quorum on the minutes that are four of you, we will continue that item. do we need a vote to continue or just continue? you need about? can i have a vote to continue the minutes? -- a motion. >> so moved. president newlin: we have a mission and -- a second. item 3, report of the executive
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director. >> good evening. it has been a month since we have been together. i miss you. quickly i wanted to update the commission on of these things. the first is the economic impact study on night life that we have been talking about for some time now. i believed that the comptroller's office will be complete with that report and it should be out in a matter of days. there is at this time a plan to -- for supervisor wiener to hold a press conference next monday. march 5 on the steps of city hall at meant -- noon. followed by a me to discuss the results of that study. the numbers will be pretty
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astonishing in terms of what nightlife brings to the city. in terms of jobs. as well as revenue to the bottom line of the general fund. we are looking forward to that very much. and in by u.s. commissioners to come to that hearing. if your interested. also i wanted to update you and ask commissioner lee to also chime in regarding the the legislation on the parking lots near places of entertainment. as you might recall, this legislation was introduced in october of last year by supervisors weiner and chiu. it has been modified a few times based on concerns of parking lot operators. we had to hearings on the item.
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i believe that the legislation is supposed to be before the public safety committee and the board of supervisors in early march, although we have not seen an amended version. i might push a little bit. the changes were minor and ultimately this is something not for this commission to enforce but this is a police matter. obviously impact our committees quite a bit. that is an update. -- obviously impact our permittees quite a bit. president newlin: they were worried this would impact the mom-and-pop businesses quite a bit. there is a probation period of two years. mom-and-pop parking lots that are not affected will not be
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subject to the intensity of the parking lot legislation. with that, they went ahead and moved it to public safety. >> great, ok. i will let the commission know what i have a date certain for that if anyone is interested. i wanted to update you all, for any who were not there. we did have a retreat saturday the 18th. and it went really well. it was half a day retreat to talk about goals and objectives, to review for the newest commissioners how we do what we do here and to improve what we do. by all accounts, it was very successful. it move fairly quickly. an accomplished what we wanted it to accomplish. hopefully we will do that annually.
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in addition, we are super grouper close to getting credit card and payments on line moving forward. staff has a training scheduled for march 1 and it is on the phone and online training to set this up how to do the simple maneuver. and when nick gets back, we should have a lively -- we should have that ready to go so people will be able to pay with credit card, finally. it is only 2012. for permits. we will have less bounced checks and less cash in the office and less busing. in addition we do have a project moving forward in two ways to get all of these permits applications online. the simple one we're working on
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which is what we call smart pdf's, which are fillable. we can create online forms that are connected to the agencies will work with so we do not have to do as much faxing and phone calls. everyone can look at the forms and engage applicants that way. and communicate with each other. without paper and hopefully this process will be smoother than it is. i will keep letting you know it is moving forward unless we hit a snag although i do not have a date certain when it will actually be finished. it is an internal process. it is not born to be as much as out word facing as it is in word facing in -- outward facing as much as it is inward facing. we did a seven-day suspension
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for the rocket room based on the ash were proceeded with a 7- suspension that is currently being served at this time. -- seven day suspension that is currently being served at this time. the permit holder is here. there's a separate item on the agenda that will be available for the commission to discuss the matter. and consider additional conditions to the permit. with that, i will send you -- to give you a quick and dirty about what has happened in the last month. we will proceed. >> good evening, commissioners. as you will see in your binders, the sheet, because it has been a month, there's a lot in there. instead of going over
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everything, which would take far too much time, i will open it up to questions from you. i will hit a few high notes. we have been having some ongoing problems of sound at brick and mortar which we would -- have been dealing with the neighborhood with. brick and mortar was cited for sound violations. we're working with the areas in -- neighbors in the area and we will bring that situation and then you compliant. -- a ven venue complained. we have been dealing with the venue management. hoekstra it as this commission knows, i have mentioned a few times that hoekstra is getting busier. that is something that we are working hard with no. station and trying to get a
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little bit more head on that area. i have not been able to spend the time needed currently but that should be changing in the coming weeks and we will be able to give you this -- more steps that we will be taking and my recommendations for that area. last, you will see an event, for lack of the better word, a venue on egbert avenue. it is something that bayview station has been looking at and finally got into and was impressive in the sheer scope and the size. we were working with a view station to notify the building owner. the promoters have been running this particular venue and so forth. i am supposed to be meeting with a bay view permit officer in the next day. we will see where that is going. as far as we will see the list
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of notices of violation, administrative citations, fluid, rockit room, and brick and mortar. you'll see the space on egbert avenue. the parlor, a solstice, schuyler, the coffee bar, the parlor, a vessel, hustle club, and the ambassador. it gives you an idea of who we're watching and what is going on out there. if you read the list of incidents from report, i will not read through that. officer mathias is here tonight and he will go over the side -- over the highlights out of central. i am open to commission questions. >> are you saying an increase in incidents? is there red flag we should be aware of? but that would not say an
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increase. this is over a month worth of information here. if you divided this up, we have had the last meeting, if used with this in half it would be normal. the volume was more attributed to the time. commissioner hyde: the jack in the box that is on here, we already heard about this incident. >> this is a different location. this is 400 gary. it is closer to union square. >> same sandwiches, though. >> regarding the economic impact report, are there any plans about giving a similar report for daytime entertainment like the festivals and parade in san francisco? >> at the moment, no one has requested this report.
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we're gathering what we can in terms of individual reports that might have been done over time. just to aggregate them. it is a good idea and it was not something in the scope of the request with the controller this time around. but certainly it is something we can ask for. >> i had one question. when we were levying these fines, what is the -- how are they being paid? are they being paid? >> yes. i don't have a percentage in terms of collection. it is fairly high. because we're not doing a tremendous volume. you can see we are able to connect with folks and make it clear that it is important as they pay. we can bring the commission the
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exact numbers. the numbers are not huge. there are not thousands of them out there. from my memory because i am the one who takes the tax and we keep track of each one individually. -- the checks and we keep track of them -- each of them individually. >> is there a system by which we respond as they do not pay? >> there is a fine schedule. do you remember what is? it is a percentage on top of what the amount is. and the penalty. -- a penalty process that goes for depending on how long it will keep occurring. it is not huge but it will get substantial. president newlin: at a certain level we send out the guys? >> yeah. >> on this report, the four incidents at 015 folsom, three
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batteries and one of socks? those are different incidents? >> those are different incidents. over the course of one month. we will be meeting with -- >> are the inside or outside? >> outside. we will meet with the head of security of 1015 tomorrow. >> thank you. president newlin: no further questions. is there any public comment on the executive director's report? seeing none, we will move to item 4. reporting of the ad hoc committee regarding the broadway corridor. >> thank you. her el thank you, audrey. -- and thank you, audrey.
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and commissioner press for helping me out on this. we went over to broadway to discover in a more holistic and general way what the problems were. there were two entertainment commissioners that are neighborhood representatives. we spend a lot of time discussing what is in general that would make a better broadway and how we can achieve a better street dialogue through community neighborhood organizations. the venues themselves as well as elected officials and the government offices. first off, i did not realize what they've -- a problem party bosses were until the meeting we held in the broadway area. people are very upset about party bosses mostly because they fall under a state level jurisdiction.
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there are no regulations on the amount or type of alcohol allowed to be consumed by patrons that bring it themselves on to the buses. they are often writing between 30 minutes and two hours and dumped into neighborhoods that have a lot of entertainment and say, there are the clubs, now go to them. they're causing quite a few problems in the neighborhood. also, broadway is not the territory of any gain in particular so it is a safe space for all banks too weak -- meet on weekends and it is one of the few streets in the city that is not owned by a particular game. problems come when you get a bunch of people from the east bay, or members of these organizations and do not get along upon leaving clubs. it is when the problem is. the clubs themselves need to have better communication between themselves and use
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modern technology as soon as they can instantly record violators and pass it along to the other clubs so that that person does not leave one venue and enter another. this area also is home to a lot of strip clubs and a lot of them are 18 and over instead of 21 and over. often, you find youths who have gone into a strip club come out and hang out on the sidewalk and arrest patrons as they leave clubs. it is -- for arrest patrons as they leave clubs. there is some drug-dealing due to some of the activities that are going on in the street and there is an increase from one i have been told by people in these clubs of girls selling for their boyfriends who are out on the street. accessibility is a problem on broadway when you talk about
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changing the whole dialogue. you are not allowed to pick up or drop off either by cabs or buses. this often has a problem where people do not go there. it is hard to change the dialogue when you can i get people there. and the concierge association said they would never send anyone where they could not get a cab directly so that could be part of the problem why they're having trouble redirecting the issues to a better -- to a different and new clientele, as well as continuing with the old clientele. also, there is a problem that has -- that have been working with blair the -- where the restaurants are losing clients. because the telling start so early. they have to run out and get their car before being towed. there is always my favorite, the
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labor unrest. -- neighbor unrest. they are having people go in the area and using it for various purposes. imad the voice of broadway. they have been -- i met the voice of broadway. they have instrumental getting together and creating a dialogue and tackling some of these issues. and then i have a few of these recommendations from a community standpoint and through this research that i am going to spend the bulk of my time with now. community patrols. the community patrol, usa has offered to help start a community patrol in this area. there's a lot of complaints by neighbors but there is no neighborhood organization creating a community patrol to help empower themselves. and work toward a better solution. the neighborhood night out on
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broadway, i am working with kehl -- ggailail gimlin. i am creating a neighborhood night out. m.p. storefronts, we have been in contact with -- i do not know if you know artspan. they have talked to me several times about being able to put in some art-related installments in the windows. that would generally go along with the theme of the arbour coast or the history of broadway. -- barbara coast, or the history of broadway. these spaces are dark holes at night. by lighting these up, we can help the neighborhood. electricity is expensive. pg&e and i are exchanging e-mail
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about helping on this. party bosses, there is a lot of talk around party bosses -- party buses, there is a lot of talk around party buses. there is a bill from assemblymen hill's office which makes it illegal to knowingly transport miners who are drinking or in possession of alcohol. it is my belief that is not quite all we need to hear about party bosses -- buses. there is a suggestion of staggered closing. you are dumping 5000 patrons onto the streets at once. the schedule would be 1:45 a.m., 2:00 a.m., to 15 am that would be helpful in containing the crowds and the
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problems. also it would be important to after these patrons, late night places to eat and to disperse so they're not just dumped into the neighborhood. the voice of broadway, i would recommend they work with local promoters and businesses to try and diversify that. i cannot tell any business what they could do. part of the problem is a lack of diversity in entertainment and it is important to see that as an issue. and seek some help in that way. maybe some mentor ship from more established been used to diversify the style of entertainment, maybe bring some more live music onto the street. many of the venues were saying they wanted to be a jazz club but they did not know how to get that going. and then, there was one more that i -- that was really good that i missed.
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finally i am long terms, the city has to look at art and muni to run all night. cars and people who drive into the city are more likely to do damage because they have no ties to the community and they can vacate the premises. that is important for long-term goals. i wanted to thank the following organizations, the entertainment commission, north beach neighbors, sfpd, policy alliance, united playas gang task force, supervisor wiener's office, president chiu's office, the concierge association. artspan, and the youth commission, north beach merchants association and community patrol, usa. >> i feel this is the academy
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awards, you just think everybody. >> that is the idea of a holistic approach, right? president newlin: thank you for taking them on. is there any questions from the commission? >> this is all new to me. it sounds like you did -- everybody weighed in which is good. how much of the night club venue owners were participating? >> i went to a lot of voice of broadway. i started there because they highlighted the their issues and they definitely mirrored the neighborhood issues. it was good because the voice of broadway had already started talking about scanners and instant communication between venues and stuff like that. it opened up a better dialogue to take that to the neighbors
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and say, i have heard your -- i have heard your concerns and i understand there is a lot of violence and issues on the street. this is what the venues are doing. president newlin: the voice of broadway is a group of broadway clubs. quex also restaurants and hotel owners. president newlin: what is the next step after all this input? >> fmla i am hoping that -- definitely i am hoping by the america's cup we can have the art in the windows and capitalize on the idea of free directing money to broadway to give them a leg up and be able to take it manager of this event so it will put them in a better position to take it banished -- take chances to diversify. it would be great to have that are in there as soon as possible and kind of working with the been used to throw some different parties -- the venues
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to up different parties. president newlin: i would like to be part of your next meeting. ok. any members of the public wish to address this item? >> the last call is a big one. i am glad that you mentioned that. we started a tradition in a different neighborhood. you have a last call 45 minutes earlier. not just 37 people can drink and go out -- not so that people can drink and go out and have the last call 10 minutes beforehand. this is something you can work on. the enforcement of it is a little bit hard. the merchants that are going to adhere are going to end you will
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know the ones that do not because they will come out like a herd of goats. it does help the concept to have that last call about 45 minutes early. i thank you for approaching it. i do not know how you can deal with the different hours the close on the street. see where you can do. another thing you can after you do all this, this is what i think -- i think it is steven was mentioning this. you can possibly put a report together so it is in perpetuity so we know what is happening. i was putting my input in. thank you. president newlin: thank you. any other members of the public? >> i am marsha garland and got involved in community politics because of broadway.
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i think you have done an incredibly holistic and comprehensive job of pulling all the entities together. all the problems you cited are things i have been aware of for a long time and i think you are on the right path. thank you very much. president newlin: thank you. seeing no other members of the public coming forward, we will move on to item 5. police department comments and questions. >> good evening. stephen mathias from central station. i talked to vaj earlier today and you have quite a few reports in front of you. you have a long agenda for tonight. i'm going to go over the things that i have noticed the last three weekends we have been out


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